'As mentors and coaches to our clients we initiate a huge gear change in performance'

Over the last two decades, professional coaching has proven to be an efficient tool for executives, either in improving efficiency, in modifying behaviours, in contributing to finding solutions to organisational / business issues, or simply in clarifying ideas.

We believe the quality and the efficiency of coaching is strongly dependent upon the quality of the questions raised by the coach and the ability of the coach to put themselves in the shoes of the coachee, both in terms of understanding the situation they are facing in their business and of appreciating the related emotions. In other words, a good professional coach needs business acumen and empathy.

We have also pioneered an approach to integrate coaching into our executive search offering to help accelerate the integration of new leaders into an organisation, thereby driving higher retention rates. This can also be used in a standalone fashion where an executive is making an internal transfer into a new role.

At Eric Salmon & Partners the role of the coach is to act simultaneously as a sounding board, a confidante, a challenger and a mentor.

A typical coaching journey starts with a triangular briefing meeting gathering the coach, the coachee with their direct line manager in order to define the objective of the exercise. Monthly sessions are thereafter organised over a six months period after which a fresh triangular meeting is organised in order to debrief about the pertinence and the results of the exercise, and to decide on possible next steps.

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