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Complexion of Technology Leaders in Asia Pacific


Eric Salmon, the firm I am with, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  I was looking at my list of business and functional leaders to invite to an event later this year and thought it would be interesting to examine the diverse backgrounds of these regional heads.

I decided to look first at technology leaders in Asia Pacific.  I picked 50 recognizable companies to do some quick analysis (with necessary assumptions).  These companies include all the usual suspects that are often in the news, due to significant size or new business models.  They are involved in cloud, cyber-security, data centers, devices, e-commerce, hardware, networking, payment, platform, social media, semiconductor, software, storage, and virtualization, among others.  They were almost all companies that originated from the United States or Europe.

This article was initially published on Linkedin on Monday August, 2nd by Wai-Leong Chan (ES&P Singapore office).

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