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Cyber-Security: Talent Supply Rising But Much Work Ahead


The cyber-security headache is not going away.  As the world gets even more connected, with the Internet of Things connecting infrastructure, vehicles and mobile devices, it is going to get worse.  It has been estimated that 21 billion things will be connected by 2020 (and I think the actual figure will likely be higher).

During a visit to a cyber-security operations center, I saw a visual of real-time attacks emanating from numerous places around the globe.  It was something out of a Hollywood movie, except it is real (or so I was told).

Symantec discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015, up 36% from the year before.

This article was initially published in Linkedin on Monday 28th June 2016 by  Wai-Leong Chan (ES&P Singapore office)

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