'Your strategic human capital partner as your organisation continues to transform'

Most corporations still rely on outdated organisation and performance models rooted in the industrial revolution, at a time when success meant specialising people at scale on performing simple tasks efficiently and consistently. These concepts have been breaking down for the past 30 years, with the emergence of the knowledge economy and the advent of global businesses. In response, matrixes, lateral reporting, empowerment techniques and other patches have been overlaid, bringing limited improvements but adding significant complexity.

Our organisational design service allows aspirational leaders at growth companies and multinationals to deliver step change in performance to reach their vision and strategy.

“Business First” operates within the logic of traditional organisation structures and performance framework. We use proven proprietary tools, techniques and methods to rapidly refocus the individual and collective attention to the business: delivering rapid, tangible and sustainable uptake in performance.

“Human by Design” breaks the mould of traditional organisation designs. It is a cutting-edge tool, evolving transformative approach to fundamentally rethink how to organize, energize and motivate talent in the modern world, which results in exponential step-change in performance for the whole company. We combine business insight with the most advanced organisational, behavioural and sociological sciences to deliver agile transformation through human-centred, design-thinking techniques.

Our Practice works as an open ecosystem, partnering with leading experts to co-create tomorrow’s organisation with our clients.

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