Since our formation, Eric Salmon & Partners has grown at a rapid pace whilst ensuring that the firm is one of the best places to work in our industry. This is no mean feat and it is down to an unwavering commitment to maintain our core values. By adhering to these common set of standards across our firm, we have been able to ensure that this allows us to collectively make a meaningful and lasting impact on the clients we serve. This strong sharing culture at Eric Salmon & Partners, anchored to a distinctive set of values has been essential to building a global organisation capable of making a lasting difference.

Client first

We ensure all of our resources are available to our clients and commit ourselves unequivocally to their long term success. We make sure that you have the best team that is serving you and ensuring the highest possible professional standards. We will always put the clients’ interest first before our own interests.


We will always be honest with you and never compromise your position as a client or a candidate. All information will be kept confidentially and we will never misuse this information. We only make promises we can keep.

Respect for the Individual

We treat all employees with respect and consideration. We look at ideas on merit – not the level of the source in the company or the tenure of employment. We have a listening culture, are open and honest to each other whilst also providing constructive criticism. We have one President in our company but every employee is regarded as leader. We understand that nothing is more important than health or family so we will work together to protect this.


We get things done and will go beyond the norm ensuring we add value. We ensure the highest standards are maintained in the execution of our work.

Cultural diversity

We understand that our clients’ business challenges are complex and benefit from multifaceted thinking. Operating as a team with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.