The Voice of Female Leaders 2

A Conversation with Megha Malagatti, by Raoul Nacke. September 2023

Megha Malagatti was interviewed by Raoul Nacke, CEO and President of Eric Salmon & Partners for our Female Voices series.

Megha’s remarkable journey from India to the executive committee of a French luxury brand is deeply intertwined with her background in India. Specifically her upbringing within the Indian context of diversity including social caste system and her dream which became her passion to be part of the luxury world.

After completing her degree in engineering, Megha initially embarked on a career in the tech industry. Yet, there was a deeper calling she couldn’t ignore. Her passion for fashion had always burned brightly. This duality sparked the idea of pursuing an MBA in Paris —a gateway to the world of business and fashion.

Paris liberated Megha to rediscover her true self, fostering confidence, resilience, and a profound sense of responsibility.


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Photo, Megha Malagatti’s own
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