Not for profit

In a world of political instability, the need for outstanding leaders in the public and not-for-profit sectors has never been greater.

At Eric Salmon & Partners, we advise not only major charities in Europe, but also world leaders in microfinance and financial inclusion, particularly across Africa. Public and other philanthropic organisations, NGOs and government bodies are all coming under increased public and regulatory scrutiny. The need to recruit and retain effective leaders who will professionalize and develop their organisations has never been greater. We give advice to a wide range of clients on the creation or refresh of their leadership teams and recruit from many sectors in order to assist in the development of those organisations. With professionalization comes the additional need for trustee bodies and boards to give strategic direction and oversight, as demand for services increases and the pressure on fund-raising and distribution continues. Eric Salmon & Partners works across a number of geographies to discover talented leaders. We utilise our broad public and private sector reach to identify those with a significant track record of delivering innovative solutions, whilst remaining true to organisations’ mission statements and intent.