Leadership advisory

We work collaboratively with you and your leadership team to help achieve peak performance.

We work with business owners, chief executives and business leaders to clarify their strategies, align their management teams, build discipline and coordination, drive performance and accelerate transformation.

Our proven methodology includes facilitating workshops and leadership retreats where top executive teams can think, plan and monitor their transformation efforts in a quiet, creative and supportive setup. Our consultants are trained executive coaches, strategy consultants, facilitators and leadership experts who ensure that leadership teams operate at their absolute best.

Case study

A family office looking for leadership alignment


A single family office needed to take stock of progress made to date, validate their vision for 2025, and recommit key family members to the vision.


  • Detailed interviews and psychometrics with each family member to understand their style, experience, capabilities and personal aspirations
  • Private retreat in a secluded resort in Bali to facilitate three days of one-to-one sharing, feedback sessions, reflection and brainstorming
  • Alignment around key projects and key governance processes


The project gave a clear sense of direction to the family members including:

  • A strong sense of individual and collective ownership and (re) commitment to the family vision and mission
  • A renewed appreciation for each family member’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and personal aspirations
  • A clear delineation of projects (organisational and otherwise) that must be tackled to achieve the family’s vision for 2025
  • A follow up plan to progressively include non-family professionals and secure their commitment to the vision
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