Board & Governance Advisory Practice

We’re razor focused on creating strong boards. They play a crucial role in guiding strategy, overseeing governance and managing risks within organisations.

As the business and regulatory landscape continue to evolve, boards face increasing scrutiny from regulators, investors, social advocates, and the general public. This heightened level of interest is compelling companies to reevaluate and strengthen their governance compliance programmes.

Eric Salmon & Partners believe that boards must be fullly aware of their duties, operate effectively, engage thoughtfully and make well-informed decisions on issues critical to their organisations. Maintaining a governance framework that adds value is vital. The goal is to navigate a growth path that is sustainable over time. Businesses must also strike a balance between achieving corporate objectives and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our governance advisory services:

  • Board search
  • Board assessment
  • Family-owned businesses


Family Owned Businesses

Case study

Advising a family Council in the long-term

Board Search

Case study

Building an Asia advisory board to support market entry

Board Assessment

Case study

Assessing critical transformation of shareholding and governance model


New Appointment

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