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Family owned businesses

At its core Eric Salmon & Partners is renowed as a a family business consultancy. We have always maintained a ‘family’ ownership and governance model. We’ve also served companies controlled by families for decades.

We believe that family-owned companies can have a socially-recognised competitive advantage over time. They also think long-term. Yet they must find the right solutions for their particular governance needs. Protecting cultural values and transferring parental assets to the next generation is a common priority for all family businesses. However, each firm has different needs.

We help analyse your unique family business model. The aim is to improve your current model of governance. This can be complex in the case of multi-generational families. There can be various bodies such as a family office, a family council, or a board of directors for numerous operating companies.

At Eric Salmon & Partners we review how a family council functions. We can conduct a board review of operating companies, select family members for nomination to the board and recruit independent directors for either the family council or the controlled company’s board. We can also coach less-experienced family board members.

We understand the criteria required to be good family custodians. There is often a delicate balance between the need for increasing professionalism, while respecting emotional sensitivities. You will find this same balance in our personalised approach, where senior expert consultants operate with tact and pragmatism.


Family Owned Businesses

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