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Reputation and adherence to corporate values are two of the most important factors in supporting the long-term success of an organisation.

A well-regulated and effective board is a key factor in achieving these goals, as is a recognised, visible model for communicating to all stakeholders what the company is and how it pursues its business objectives.

Eric Salmon & Partners has a long history of assisting boards and organisations in reviewing their procedural and behavioural effectiveness. We are able to provide advice on continuous improvements, so you can achieve excellent governance practices that stand the test of time.

Our customised approach is based on well-established proprietary tools and methodologies. An approach is agreed with our clients and takes into account the board’s requirements and characteristics. We also aim to adhere to your governance code and legal duties.

We thoroughly analyse the entire set of governance criteria, starting with the company’s strategic direction and assessing key factors influencing and determining board dynamics. These factors include culture and values, composition, leadership, flow and quality of documentation, communication and teamwork, involvement in strategy development, succession plans, risk appetite and management, as well as the committees’ effectiveness and composition.


Board Assessment

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