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We collaborate with business owners, private equity firms and board nomination committees to identify outstanding independent directors and to compose boards of advisors.

We combine a strong understanding of corporate governance with extensive networks fuelled by our consultants’ inquisitive minds. The aim of Eric Salmon & Partners is to curate an exceptional selection of independent director and senior advisor candidates for your business.

Our clients often look for a new perspective when appointing a director or advisor. This could involve someone with expertise in digital transformations, extensive networks in Asia, or expertise in building diverse, equitable and inclusive teams.

Our senior consultants will discuss your requirements and consider the current composition of your board. We will suggest a handful of excellent candidates who do not have a conflict of interest. They must also be interested in a new challenge. We conduct searches across borders, sectors and types of expertise, continually expanding our pool of experienced directors, as well embracing fresh candidates with outstanding credentials.


Board Search

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