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We believe it is critical for a board to manage the succession of executives in a structured and measured way.

Eric Salmon & Partners is qualified to assist organisations with the complex task of succession planning. We help in the design of an effective, fair and credible process. The aim is to create a more sustainable path for employee engagement, retention and productivity.

From a corporate governance perspective, the approach to succession planning has rapidly shifted from a set of practices to a strategy that involves sharing a top-down vision of the firm’s development. This process also highlights the importance of governing firms through principles instead of practices. Today the quality of human capital, including the selection, retention and succession of key executives, is one of the key principles of modern governance.

We help our clients improve the effectiveness of their succession planning and the impact it has on their business. We assess the readiness of the management team and prepare a pipeline of talent for each critical role. We also design career and development paths to support the growth of successors. Our consultants consider the organisation’s strategy, culture and needs. We also combine the strong market and people knowledge skills of our executive search practice with our grounded methodologies in order to assess people effectively.


Succession Planning

Case study

An insurance company looking for support in C-suite succession planning


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