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Organisation design

Our organisation design service enables stakeholders to deliver step changes in performance, achieve their vision and implement a people-driven strategy.

We help our clients design their organisational structure, key principles and processes. We focus on the most qualified people in a business, as well as help them prepare for new challenges.

“Human by Design” breaks the mould of traditional organisational planning. It is a cutting-edge tool and an evolving, transformative approach. We focus on fundamentally rethinking how to organise, energise and motivate talent. The aim is an exponential change in performance for the whole company. We combine business insights with advanced organisational and behavioural sciences to deliver tailor-made and agile transformations.

At Eric Salmon & Partners we don’t just help define alternative organisational structures, we also challenge existing governance models. We ensure that they are adapted to fit the business challenges and strategy of each company. Our design service supports you in creating a new organisational and governance model that is true to your key principles.


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