Our Global Board and Governance Advisory Practice co-hosted this event alongside the FT Board Director Program.

Moderated by Tim Robb from our UK office, the panel discussion featured Diana Breeze, Group HR Director at Bunzl plc and Non-Executive Director (NED) at Topps Tiles plc; Devyani Vaishampayan, NED at Norman Broadbent plc and Mazars UK LLP; and Neil Hayward, Chair at Horseracing Industry People Board, NED at the National Skills Academy for Rail and at Applied Monitoring, and a Board Director at Skills Union Pte. Ltd.  During the session, we debated the value HR Directors bring as Non-Execs in the Boardroom with the panel kindly providing valuable insights on the subject, and how to successfully make the transition from executive to non-executive. Attendees included CHROs and HRDs from our client base, across the FTSE350, privately held, and Private Equity markets.

We would like to thank our panellists and guests -NEDs, CHROs and HRDs, for joining us and for their contributions.

For further information, please contact Tim Robb.


The study conducted by Eric Salmon & Partner’s Board and Governance Advisory Practice in cooperation with European Women on Boards (EWOB) sheds light on the practical experiences of seasoned chairs from leading European companies, offering valuable insights into fostering inclusion and diversity.

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“And when the widespread use of AI tools threatens to lower companies’ unique competitive advantage, that is when the creativity of the illuminated human mind will make a difference. This is a scenario that will require managers not only to initiate a dialogue and build a relationship with technologies that are constantly mutating, but also to look up and aim for objectives that had been previously unimaginable.” Massimo Milletti.

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SDA Bocconi and Eric Salmon & Partners proudly announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement aimed at establishing the  “Osservatorio Donne Executive Corporate Governance Lab di SDA Bocconi “. Spearheaded by Professor Alessandro Minichilli of SDA Bocconi and bolstered by the expertise of Eric Salmon & Partners’ consultants, Laura Fabbro, Simonetta Cavasin, and Honorary Chairman, Massimo Milletti, the initiative is set to monitor the advancement of female representation within the Executive Committees of both listed and a substantial selection of unlisted companies over a comprehensive three-year timeframe.


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Setting the vision, giving stability: the CEO’s human touch

Thomas Schulz is the Group CEO of Bilfinger, a prominent global provider of industrial services, striving to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of clients within the process industry.

In this interview with our colleague Simone Maggioni, Thomas talks about CEOs adapting to change,  initiating cultural shifts, and driving stakeholders to share a common vision, building trust through a collaborative model.



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Eric Salmon & Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Paola Calderini as Managing Director of Italy, overseeing operations in Milan and Rome.


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Iris Braun is a visionary entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at share GmbH in Berlin.  She epitomizes the intersection of social entrepreneurship, business acumen, and sustainability.

Her professional journey includes serving as the Technical Lead at IFMR Lead and Harvard University in Chennai, India, where she conducted empirical research on financial development in emerging economies, with a particular emphasis on India. Prior to her foray into social entrepreneurship, Iris contributed her expertise as a consultant to The World Bank and the German Ministry of Economics.

Beyond the numbers associated with her economics background, Iris’s extraordinary energy is evident during her interview with our colleague Astrid Jakubass. Her multifaceted personality, coupled with her boundless energy and ongoing personal development, exemplify a commendable woman excelling in balancing various aspects of life and work.


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In a significant milestone in its 33-year history, Eric Salmon & Partners, proudly announces its B Corp certification. This achievement underscores the firm’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, responsible business practices, and ethical leadership.

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Wahab Yusoff is a Board Member, Advisor, Investor and Technopreneur, serving at commercial and public sector boards in Singapore such as Changi Airport Group, the Energy Market Authority, and National Arts Council amongst others.

In an interview with our colleague Wai Leong,  Wahab observed that public sector boards -while unsurprisingly focused on governance, can also be innovative. He also confirmed that boards are addressing many more disruptive topics compared to the past – and, as other interviewees have mentioned, there is an onus on board directors to get up to speed on many disparate things, including Technology.

Wahab believes in the benefits of diversity but it should never be at the expense of competence.

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Five Questions Wahab Yusoff.pdf


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Gavin Adda is CEO at Peak Energy Asia (part of Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners) and Board Director at Lindström.  He is also Co-Chairman of Sustainability Committee at European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.

Gavin has unique insights from his experience with a private family-owned business as well as a joint venture comprising representatives from corporate shareholders. Nonetheless, the observations he shared with our colleague Wai Leong, are pertinent to all board directors, whether in listed companies or not.


Five Questions Gavin Adda.pdf


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Communication is key to building corporate culture

In this new interview, Simone talks to Arnd Franz, CEO of Mahle Group, about the CEOs role in shaping stakeholder value, corporate culture and strategic goals.

Arnd recognizes that it is not all about delivering profit but also about contributing to sustainability.


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Nicola Winter is a remarkable German pilot and reserve astronaut, known for her exceptional contributions to both military aviation and space exploration. Her journey unfolds as a story of determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Winter’s multidimensional career also encompasses her role as a keynote speaker on topics such as leadership, empowerment, and crisis management.

In an interview with our Consultant Lutz Tilker, she shared some insights into her journey and the key factors that contributed to her success, her definition of leadership, and essential qualities for effective leadership in any industry.


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Rajeev has been CEO at Nokia and Inmarsat as well as board director in companies based out of Asia, Europe and the United States. He has worked with listed global companies and those driven by private equity.

In this interview with Wai-Leong, Rajeev stressed that board members need to be responsible for continually upgrading themselves, especially on technology, which has been pervasive and continues to be disruptive.


Five Questions Rajeev Suri.pdf


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We are pleased to present the fifth in this series of interviews with board directors. Supriya Sen, Non Exec board director, investment committee member and advisory board certified chair. She has worked for a wide range of organizations covering diverse industries and geographies.

Supriya feels strongly that boards should address strategic and vital issues, pushing management forward. Boards should be serious and structured in ascertaining new skills/knowledge needed and the gaps in the collective capabilities of the present board.

“The board needs to be refreshed and fit for purpose whether the main topic is strategy, operations, or human capital.”


Five Questions Supriya Sen.pdf


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İpek İpekçioğlu is widely recognized as one of the Berlin club scene’s most prominent DJs. Well known for her live collaborations with various musicians, as well as her contributions to theatre, opera, films, and documentaries. Her work delves into social-political issues inherent in everyday life, and she adeptly incorporates them into her musical productions.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, İpek is an event manager and a committed activist. Her multifaceted contributions extend far beyond the realm of music, making her a prominent figure in both the artistic and activist communities.

Her advice to leaders is noteworthy, advocating a shift away from conventional paradigms, urging the consideration of local residents, women, and immigrants, irrespective of their origins. She emphasizes that evaluations should be based on qualities and impressions, rather than superficial considerations, with a focus on a person’s character or likability as the ultimate determinant.


Read the full interview here.


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Best Practice for working with regulators

In partnership with EY’s Christopher Schmitz, our consultant James Isaacs co-hosted a dinner at the heart of Berlin’s fintech community to discuss fintech entrepreneurs and regulatory best practice.

Leveraging the combined knowledge and networks of Christopher’s fintech strategy consulting team, our distinguished speakers shared their individual perspectives.

Guests came from local areas and also from Munich, London, Utrecht, and Romania.


Read James’s full article here.


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Kimberly Maucher-Lynch’s multifaceted nature extends beyond her professional accomplishments, revealing a rich tapestry of passions and principles that define her. Growing up in a bi-racial family, she navigated the complexities of identity, shaping her into an intentional individual who stands firmly for her beliefs.

HR Thought Leader, Board Member, Social Impact & Innovation Expert, and Advisor, Kimberly ‘s journey and insights underscored the significance of adaptability, openness, inclusivity, and a clear sense of purpose in achieving personal and professional success. Her interview serves as an inspirational guide for individuals striving to make a positive impact in their respective fields.


Read the full interview here.


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