A private equity firm bought a €600M industrial company lacking commercial savvy and operational efficiency in some areas.


The 3Ds: Diagnose, Design and Deliver

Through initial discussions with the PE firm and the company’s CEO, we collected information such as strategic plans and organisation charts then identified points for attention and issues. Based on this we made preliminary assumptions and conducted deep structured interviews with the top management worldwide (~50 people). We looked into external benchmarks in parallel.

With all the information gathered, we proposed two organisational options, each assessed against a limited number of criteria (such as efficiency, customer orientation, results focus) and a governance body with a clear agenda.


One of the two options has been chosen and implemented with a clear focus on simplification and people accountability.

A couple of new managers have joined the company and helped to reinforce the change; this was an opportunity for the CEO to bring in some fresh thinking and add it to the existing team’s capabilities.