A single family office needed to take stock of progress made to date, validate their vision for 2025, and recommit key family members to the vision.


  • Detailed interviews and psychometrics with each family member to understand their style, experience, capabilities and personal aspirations
  • Private retreat in a secluded resort in Bali to facilitate three days of one-to-one sharing, feedback sessions, reflection and brainstorming
  • Alignment around key projects and key governance processes


The project gave a clear sense of direction to the family members including:

  • A strong sense of individual and collective ownership and (re) commitment to the family vision and mission
  • A renewed appreciation for each family member’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and personal aspirations
  • A clear delineation of projects (organisational and otherwise) that must be tackled to achieve the family’s vision for 2025
  • A follow up plan to progressively include non-family professionals and secure their commitment to the vision