Chief Digital Officers after Covid-19

Based on a virtual roundtable discussion with international Chief Digital Officers conducted by Eric Salmon & Partners, an article written by Lutz Tilker and Praf Vagh as been published on Investmentplattform Deutschland-China.

The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that many facets of leadership will need to change to master the post-Covid-19 world. Chief Digital Officers (CDO) play an utmost important role to initiate and drive the necessary digital innovations that companies now need to be successful in the way going forward. The lockdown has given society a crash course in the importance of digital acceleration in this growing virtual world.

The article lists the key takeaways about effects of working in times of Covid-19 and what it means for the future. It is now up to corporate managements to find the right balance for changes in technology, leadership and its management.

Read the article (in German) here.