Five Questions with a Board Director: CHONG Chye Neo

By Wai Leong CHAN, May 2023

In Wai Leong’s third in a series of interviews with board directors, he had the privilege of going through five questions with CHONG Chye Neo.

She brings the perspective from having served on boards of companies listed in Malaysia. In her straightforward fashion, Chye Neo stressed that boards must be substantively diverse and not just having single token representatives. She also pointed out the importance of a good chairperson who will ensure minority voices are heard as well as good management papers (and tools) to ensure effective debate. Chye Neo also raised the point of board directors not always having deep experience of the company’s industry sector and the open question of how to measure true board effectiveness and to improve performance. Boards do serious work and perhaps directors need to dedicate more time for continual learning as well as to embrace more brutally honest evaluation processes.


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Photo from Unsplash
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