Five Questions with a Board Director: Wahab Yusoff

By Wai Leong CHAN, January 2024

Wahab Yusoff is a Board Member, Advisor, Investor and Technopreneur, serving at commercial and public sector boards in Singapore such as Changi Airport Group, the Energy Market Authority, and National Arts Council amongst others.

In an interview with our colleague Wai Leong,  Wahab observed that public sector boards -while unsurprisingly focused on governance, can also be innovative. He also confirmed that boards are addressing many more disruptive topics compared to the past – and, as other interviewees have mentioned, there is an onus on board directors to get up to speed on many disparate things, including Technology.

Wahab believes in the benefits of diversity but it should never be at the expense of competence.

Read the full interview here.


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Photo by  Laurin Steffens-Unsplash
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