The unprecedented rate of technological change and innovation is bringing remarkable changes to our world. The demarcation in the traditional technology industries is blurring as new entrants continue to enter the market across the technology ecosystem.

Against this backdrop, we are now in the fourth digital revolution – the “Internet of Things”. A key driver in the development of this ecosystem will be the creation of a sensor based world where objects will easily connect to the internet to drive greater productivity and efficiency. This new era will lead to a wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning driving a paradigm shift in automation never seen before.  This new digital world will be global, fast, irreversible, and full of opportunities as well as challenges. This rapid technological evolution will force more social, economic and industrial activities to be digitalised. The opportunities are large given Digitisation will empower people and companies to shape a common future, both socially and economically. This transformation will allow faster, easier, direct access to target markets worldwide – it is global by its very nature.

Alongside new technologies, large and small corporations will need pioneering and robust leaders to execute the potential of digital.  Equally, executives will need to understand the cultural factors within the digital transformation that influence the success of technology adoption and shifting leadership roles.

Whether you are private or publicly traded business, our global team of consultants can help you identify, assess and appoint key executive talent to address your needs in this rapidly evolving segment. We have particular expertise in the following areas:


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