The Hand Project

Eric Salmon & Partners' 2023 Spring Conference, Berlin

The Hand Project was a team building exercise organized by during the firm’s 2023 Spring Conference in Berlin.  This is a charity that helps people who have lost a hand due to conflicts of war, or accidents involving machinery and focus on areas of Africa.

Participants were divided into groups of 3-4 to assemble a hand, with some tricky elements such as fitting the fingers. In addition,  they had to decorate a canvas bag with coloured pens and a personal note to the recipient of the hand. The winning team was the first to finish assembling.

During the presentation of the exercise our teams found it specially moving watching the reactions of people being fitted with their prosthetic hands.

“It is amazing to see the transformation on each individual.  See their joy, sense of freedom and new independence”

“It was an amazing experience”

“What an experience to be part of this charity, helping to transform lives”.