The Voice of Female Leaders 6

A conversation with Kimberly Maucher-Lynch, by Loudie Sylvain and Hagen Schweinitz, October 2023

Kimberly Maucher-Lynch’s multifaceted nature extends beyond her professional accomplishments, revealing a rich tapestry of passions and principles that define her. Growing up in a bi-racial family, she navigated the complexities of identity, shaping her into an intentional individual who stands firmly for her beliefs.

HR Thought Leader, Board Member, Social Impact & Innovation Expert, and Advisor, Kimberly ‘s journey and insights underscored the significance of adaptability, openness, inclusivity, and a clear sense of purpose in achieving personal and professional success. Her interview serves as an inspirational guide for individuals striving to make a positive impact in their respective fields.


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Photo owned by Kimberly Maucher-Lynch.


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