The Voice of Female Leaders 7

A conversation with İpek İpekçioğlu, by Irina Raps, November 2023

İpek İpekçioğlu is widely recognized as one of the Berlin club scene’s most prominent DJs. Well known for her live collaborations with various musicians, as well as her contributions to theatre, opera, films, and documentaries. Her work delves into social-political issues inherent in everyday life, and she adeptly incorporates them into her musical productions.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, İpek is an event manager and a committed activist. Her multifaceted contributions extend far beyond the realm of music, making her a prominent figure in both the artistic and activist communities.

Her advice to leaders is noteworthy, advocating a shift away from conventional paradigms, urging the consideration of local residents, women, and immigrants, irrespective of their origins. She emphasizes that evaluations should be based on qualities and impressions, rather than superficial considerations, with a focus on a person’s character or likability as the ultimate determinant.


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Photo by Melis Özdil Christin


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