The Voice of Female Leaders 9

A conversation with Iris Braun by Astrid Jakubass, January 2024

Iris Braun is a visionary entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at share GmbH in Berlin.  She epitomizes the intersection of social entrepreneurship, business acumen, and sustainability.

Her professional journey includes serving as the Technical Lead at IFMR Lead and Harvard University in Chennai, India, where she conducted empirical research on financial development in emerging economies, with a particular emphasis on India. Prior to her foray into social entrepreneurship, Iris contributed her expertise as a consultant to The World Bank and the German Ministry of Economics.

Beyond the numbers associated with her economics background, Iris’s extraordinary energy is evident during her interview with our colleague Astrid Jakubass. Her multifaceted personality, coupled with her boundless energy and ongoing personal development, exemplify a commendable woman excelling in balancing various aspects of life and work.


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Photo by Iris Braun


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