Workshop: “Board of Directors and Executive Team in the System of Sustainable Corporate Governance”

We are pleased to feature Hagen Schweinitz, Global Practice Leader of our Board & Governance Advisory Practice, who recently conducted a workshop on "Board of Directors and Executive Team in the System of Sustainable Corporate Governance" at the Annual Corporate Governance Conference-2023 in Armenia.

The conference, organized in collaboration with the Corporate Governance Center foundation (CGC), Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), and Commercial Law Development Program, Office of General Counsel, United States Department of Commerce (CLDP), attracted esteemed participants from the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe, and the United States, facilitating a valuable international exchange of ideas.

Distinguished speakers such as Aradhana Khowala (Aptamind Partners, Great Britain), Charlotte Gustavsson (Swedish Academy of Board Directors, Sweden), Ekaterina Lysova (CIPE, United States), Ingrid De Poorter (ING Belgium and imac international, Belgium), Kristen Anderson (European Women on Boards, Italy), and others shared valuable insights on critical aspects of sustainable corporate governance, including corporate sustainability, cyber security, AI, integrity, and anti-corruption compliance.

The conference addressed significant topics like criminal liability of legal entities, anti-corruption issues in the business sector, and declaration of real beneficiaries, fostering a comprehensive understanding of modern challenges and opportunities in sustainable corporate governance.

With over 140 attendees, the event served as an exceptional platform for business leaders, policymakers, academia, civil society organizations, and international experts to engage in fruitful discussions on crucial aspects of sustainable corporate governance.

At Eric Salmon & Partners, we take pride in our global presence and commitment to empowering organizations with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in corporate governance. Hagen Schweinitz’s workshop exemplified our dedication to fostering robust and sustainable governance practices worldwide.