"When I founded Eric Salmon & Partners, now more than 20 years ago in Paris and Milan, I put a great deal of myself into this adventure, many of my personal beliefs and even my philosophical convictions. I wanted to create an executive search company that was big enough to matter, but small enough to care. When our Clients come to us they know they can expect a senior, multi-lingual consultant to take direct, personal responsibility for their entire assignment."
                                                                                     Eric Salmon,  Founder

The Strength in Human Capital


Today, more than ever, the strength and continuity of any business lies in the quality of the women and the men within it, in their personal motivation and the loyalty they have to their company. In this respect, Eric Salmon & Partners provides efficient support to help companies to detect, attract and retain successful executives.
Over the years, we have enriched the spectrum of our assignments in terms of the services we offer and our geographical coverage. Beginning from an essentially European base, and with our newest development in Asia, Eric Salmon & Partners can and does manage diverse missions globally. Some of the most prestigious European searches of the past few years have carried the discrete signature of Eric Salmon & Partners.

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