'A highly collaborative and authentic approach to putting clients first with an unwavering focus on quality'

With a 25-year history, Executive Search is the basis of our business.  We have conducted assignments in over 50 countries focusing on an array of industry verticals.  In this rapidly changing world, leadership is not a constant but is rapidly evolving.  Eric Salmon & Partners is a trusted advisor to small and large enterprises, identifying and appointing key leaders by leveraging our strong industry expertise.  We have a highly collaborative and authentic approach to putting clients first and an unwavering focus on producing quality results.  We work in partnership with our clients, providing objective judgement on recruiting world class leaders who will make a sustainable impact on their business.

Nearly 80 per cent of our clients are repeat business and our approach is focussed on long term value versus search volumes.


The Right Team
We assemble the best team for the search assignment with a lead consultant with deep rooted expertise to support the search.  We ensure there is a dedicated research associate and draw on our global network.

Astute Diagnosis
We spend a significant amount of time with you understanding your business, the requirement, your culture and purpose.  We will give you honest feedback and add value through our own experiences and industry knowledge to help shape what you need, while also ensuring your requirements are realistic.

Transparent Communication
We ensure you are able to thoroughly monitor our progress through regular and open dialogue. We make sure all the key stakeholders are involved throughout the process, interfacing with the whole Eric Salmon & Partners team.

Outstanding Candidates
Using our own tools we take a creative approach to identifying and assessing the best candidates in the market for you.  We see ourselves as an extension of your organisation and thoroughly evaluate candidates against your needs.  We strive to ensure that you have access to the best candidate by carefully managing our off-limits policy.  Our ruthless focus on completing the search means we are never satisfied with a shortlist until the search is completed.  We continue to build the talent pipeline until the end.

We proactively communicate with the candidates through the process, objectively managing their expectations as your trusted advisor.  At the referencing stage we speak to a wide array of referees ensuring thorough verification of their credentials.  Once appointed, we spend time with you and the candidate to ensure a smooth on-boarding and integration process. We follow-up regularly with the client and candidates to ensure things are going smoothly.

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